Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers

Eleventh Annual Regional Specialty Agility Trial

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Western Agility Group (WAG, Inc)

10925 Bruceville Road - Elk Grove, CA

Tammy Domico
Kera Holm

AGILITY JUDGES: Tammy Domico and Kera Holm

A special draw of the weekend was our two judges: Tammy Domico and Kera Holm.  Tammy and Kera have wonderfully friendly and happy attitudes as well as being wonderfully efficient in tweaking their courses, something which can save hours at a trial! 

Kera Holm wrote: “The Beardie Trial this year was fabulous!  It goes to show that spending Easter with friends / good food / lots of fun, with rejoicing in all, proves that there are many ways to experience the wonders of our life.  Once again, I sincerely enjoyed watching the Beardies play throughout the courses.  They have fun; and I truly believe that is why I enjoy them so much.  They know how to smile, jump, and play with their 2-legged team-mates.  The club was gracious to me and I appreciate that a lot.  They greeted us with Easter Baskets (with bunny included) and lots of peeps to be found.  Their trophies are beautiful and I really appreciate that they do this for their club members on a yearly basis.  It makes one feel as if they belong to a very elite special group.  They are a very special group and I love one and all.  Thank you for everything!”

TRIAL CHAIR: Jack Buhite
TRIAL COMMITTEE: Iris Berry, Carleen Carver, Sara Carver, Pat Coreris, Jana Dozet, Pam Harris, Steve Lausmann, Nancy Layton, Libby Myers-Buhite, Sharon Prassa, and Shannon Smart
SCORE TABLE: Lorie Abbott and Laura Finco
CHIEF RING STEWARD: Pat White and Julia O’Rourke

CHIEF COURSE BUILDERS: Greg Leal, Beverly Morgan Lewis, Dave Scheuner, and Steve Lausmann
HOSPITALITY: Libby Myers-Buhite, Shannon Smart, Carleen Carver, and Sara Carver
TROPHIES: Sharon Prassa, Shannon Smart, and Libby Myers-Buhite

Regional Specialty Highs In Trial - 23 April 2011

Congratulations to our three Highs in Trial!

Standard: Shannon Smart’s Loki
Spindrift V (Devil Made Me Do It) RN PT MX MXJ NJP NF

JWW: Pat Coreris’ Roger
Risa Spindrift Over And Out CD RAE2 HT AX AXJ NJP XF

FAST: Shannon Smart’s Beckham
CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham


Shannon Smart’s Loki

Spindrift V (Devil Made Me Do It) RN PT MX MXJ NJP NF

4/23/11 Excellent B 20" 100 1st/13 51.94'/61' 173 yds CPs-18

Jumpers with Weaves


Pat Coreris’ Roger

Risa Spindrift Over And Out CD RAE2 HT AX AXJ NJP XF

4/23/11 Excellent B 20" 100 1st/15 37.58'/45' 169 yds CPs-14


Shannon Smart’s Beckham

CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham

4/23/11 Novice P 16" 70 1st/11 29.83'/35'

All-Breed Highs In Trial - 24 April 2011

Congratulations to our three Highs in Trial!

Standard: Pat Coreris’ Roger
Risa Spindrift Over And Out CD RAE2 HT AX AXJ NJP XF

JWW: Shannon Smart’s Beckham
CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham

FAST: Pam Harris’ Mary
CH Spindrift Something About Mary AX AXJ OF

NCBCF Regional Agility Trial and All-Breed Easter Trial

On Easter weekend, April 23 and 24, the Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers held our 11th annual Regional Specialty Agility Trial, chaired by Jack Buhite.  This was the first year, however, that we decided to combine it with our April all-breed trial at WAG (The Western Agility Group site in Elk Grove, CA).  Jack Buhite, Iris Berry, Steve Lausmann, Nancy Layton, Sharon Prassa, and I arrived on Friday afternoon to set-up.  This site is managed and meticulously maintained by Dave Scheuner, who was available to help with set-up, tear-down, and every contingency during the trial.  The weather that day and throughout the weekend was splendid, despite the forecast of rain.  We set up a “Beardie Row” for club visibility as well as a chance to visit with each other and displayed our NCBCF Agility Banner of Skye Jumping the Golden Gate.  For the first time we presented our new perpetual agility trophy, a tall cobalt blue vase with etchings of our “Agility Pioneers” on three of its four sides.  Our Pioneers are Iris Berry’s Spiff, who earned his first leg on 23 September 1995 and his first two agility titles (AKC and NADAC) in May 1996, Sharon Prassa’s Annie, our first MX Beardie, and Jack Buhite’s Skyedance, our first MXJ Beardie.  Sharon had a lovely base made and had it inscribed with the names of all of the HITs from our first 10 years.  This will be continued each specialty year.  The trophy is a gift from Iris, Sharon, Jack and I to the club.  Each of the Highs in Trial were smaller cobalt blue vases with Annie for the Standard HIT, Skye for the JWW HIT, and Spiff for Games HITs, such as FAST and T2B. Needless to say our club members were delighted and many other breed club members congratulated us on our beautiful trophies and gifts, taking note of the artist, Ingrid Jonsson, and her Viking Glass productions.  As Sharon Prassa expressed it, “People absolutely FLIPPED over the agility trophies!!  They thought they were absolutely out of this world (they were!)!  Also, the judges about fell over when they saw their thermoses.  They could not believe how nice they were and that they had their names on them.”

At least 175 agility enthusiasts and more than 200 dogs competed in more than 1100 runs over the weekend, not including our T2B demo.  At least 20 California/Nevada Beardie people participated either by running or helping out.  Of the 17 Beardie teams entered, 15 ran: David Anderson with MacKenzie, Jack Buhite with Ceilidh and Lark, Iris Berry with Blue, Sarah Carver with Piedra, Carol Colavecchio with Pal, Pat Coreris with Roger, Pam Harris with Mary and Jodie, Steve Lausmann with Izzy, Nancy Layton with Scout, Sharon Prassa with Ry, Karen Ryder with Sierra, and Shannon Smart with Loki and Beckham.  It was fun to see Mackenzie and Beckham making their AKC agility debuts and doing so well, a tribute to their handlers!  Unfortunately, one of our most intrepid agility enthusiasts, Dawn Kinney, had broken her ankle and was unable to run Buffy and Wick. 

Congratulations to our nine Qualifers:

David Anderson and Mackenzie, Highlander Let's Dance CD RE, earned their first ever AKC leg.

 4/23/11  Novice A JWW 20"-Leg 1        100    1st/1    40.02'/42'    126 yds

Iris Berry and Blue, CH Nonesuch Berry Blue 'N Lovett NA NAJ, earned their first Open JWW and second Novice FAST legs.

 4/23/11  Novice B FAST 20" Leg 2        64    1st/2    31.98'/32'
 4/24/11  Open JWW 20" Leg 1            100    2nd/7    40.63'/40'    141 yds

Sara Carver and Piedra, Beau Chien's Rocky Mtn. River RN NA NAJ OF, earned her OA title and the only Beardie “Q” in T2B.

 4/23/11  Open STD 20" leg 3            100    1st/4    52.38'/65'    159 yds    OA

Carol Colavecchio’s Pal, CH Aellen The Playmaker HT PT HSAs, handled by Sharon Prassa, earned his second JWW leg.

 4/23/11  Novice B JWW 20" leg 1         95    1st/2    36.30'/42'    126 yds

Pat Coreris and Roger, Risa Spindrift Over And Out CD RAE2 HT AX AXJ NJP XF, earned the Regional JWW HIT and the All-Breed Standard Beardie HIT and a QQ to top it all off.

 4/23/11  Excellent B JWW 20" Leg 5     100    1st/5    37.58'/45'    169 yds  CPs-14      HIT NCBCF Regional Specialty
 4/24/11  Excellent B STD 20" Leg 8     100             54.29'/62'    178 yds  CPs- 7  QQ  HIT NCBCF all-breed trial
 4/24/11  Excellent B JWW 20" Leg 6     100             37.35'/40'    149 yds  CPs- 2  QQ

Pam Harris and Mary, CH Spindrift Something About Mary OA AXJ OF, earned her AX title and the All-Breed FAST Beardie HIT.

 4/23/11  Excellent A STD 20" Leg 3     100    1st/3    53.35'/61'    173 yds    AX
 4/24/11  Excellent A FAST 20" Leg 2     66    2nd/10   32.42'/32'                         HIT NCBCF All-Breed Trial

Nancy Layton and Scout, Dogtown Leader Of The Pack HSAds HIAs OA NAJ NAP NFP, earned five legs and her NJP title.

 4/23/11  Novice P JWW 16" Leg 3        100    1st/2    28.20'/47'    126 yds    NJP
 4/23/11  Open P FAST 16" Leg 1          58    1st/1    38.74'/35'
 4/24/11  Open P STD 16" Leg 1           95    2nd/4    57.75'/70'    158 yds
 4/24/11  Open P JWW 16" Leg 1           93    2nd/4    46.18'/45'    141 yds
 4/24/11  Open P FAST 16" Leg 2          65    1st/2    25.04'/35'

Shannon Smart and Beckham, CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham, earned his first two AKC legs with two Highs in Trial, the Specialty FAST HIT and the All-Breed JWW Beardie HIT.

 4/23/11  Novice P FAST 16"-Leg 1        70    1st/1    29.83'/35'                         HIT NCBCF Regional Specialty
 4/24/11  Novice P JWW 16"-Leg 1        100    1st/3    20.35'/42'    112 yds              HIT NCBCF all-breed trial - 5.5 yps 

Shannon Smart and Loki, Spindrift V (Devil Made Me Do It) RN PT MX MXJ NJP NF earned the Regional Standard HIT.

 4/23/11  Excellent B STD 20"-leg 17    100    1st/2    51.94'/61'    173 yds  CPs-18      HIT NCBCF Specialty– 3.686 yps
 4/24/11  Excellent B JWW 20"-Leg 32    100             36.47'/40'    149 yds  CPs- 3

4.23.11 - Regional Specialty Marked Catalog

4.24.11 - All-Breed Marked Catalog

We are very grateful to Sharon Baker, Carleen Carver, Jana Dozet, and Mary Edner who visited and helped, especially with hospitality!  Special thank yous to those who stayed to tear down: our set-up crew plus Pat Coreris, Jana Dozet, Pam Harris, and Shannon Smart.  At the end of tear down we held a drawing of a lovely Easter basket given to us by Beardie vendor Pat PalozzolaJack Buhite, trial chair, won the basket!  The weekend turned out to be a wonderful event with super weather, a fantastic agility lawn, friendly judges, Easter baskets at every table, and Easter egg dying for NQs!   “Lay an egg, dye an egg!” Thank you to Lorie Abbott for this fun idea and for providing the eggs, dyes and decals!  As club treasurer, I’m pleased to write that our club made over $4000 in profit, which will help fund our Regional Specialty and activities through the end of the year (June 30).

Agility Trophy Sponsors - 2011

Novice A Celia Sawyer and Brandy
Novice B Christiana Taylor and Jesse
Novice Preferred Mary Edner and the Lonetree Beardies
Open Karen Ryder and Sadie
Open Preferred Tamara and Bob D'Ornellas
Excellent A Kathy Allen in honor of the Japanese Beardies
Excellent A Preferred Carleen and Grady for the Japan beardies
Excellent B Tammy Domico and Sparkee
ExcellentB Preferred Steve Lausmann and Izzy
High in Trial Standard Trophy-Annie Tammy Domico and Sparkee
High in Trial Standard Rosette Tammy Domico and Sparkee
Novice A Sara Carver and Piedra
Novice B Sharon Baker and Dani
Novice Preferred Barbara Claxton and Allie
Open Mary Edner and the Lonetree Beardies
Open Preferred Tamara and Bob D'Ornellas
Excellent A Kathy Allen in honor of the Japanese Beardies
Excellent A Preferred Elaine Robinson and Rachel
Excellent B Patti Bott, Spice, and Stix
Excellent B Preferred Mary Edner and the Lonetree Beardies
High in Trial Jumpers Trophy-Skye Libby and Jack Buhite-In Memory of Skye and Caper
High in Trial Jumpers Rosette Tammy Domico and Sparkee
Novice A Kathy Allen in honor of the Japanese Beardies
Novice B Molly McNamara and Stanley
Novice Preferred Ted and Mary Welch and Mackie
Open Dawn Kinney and Buffy
Open Preferred Cathy Hardman-Friend of Beardies
Excellent A Sharon Prassa and Zoot
Excellent A Preferred Iris Berry, Tag, Meg, and Blue
Excellent B Kathy Allen in honor of the Japanese Beardies
Excellent B Preferred Ruth Colavecchio-Aellen Bearded Collies
High in Trial FAST Trophy-Spiff Pam Harris-Spindrift Bearded Collies
High in Trial FAST Rosette Elaine Robinson and Rachel

Agility Winners - 2010

These Trophies were presented in 2003 and 2004.

VIDEOGRAPHY - AGILITY IN MOTION: Silvina and Fernando Bruera

Silvina Bruera videotaped our NCBCF Agility trials in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Agility In Motion offers several video options for those who participated in Rally Obedience and Agility.

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