Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers

Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

Eighth Annual Regional Specialty Agility Trial

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Following the Obedience and Rally Trials

Solano County Fairgrounds

900 Fairgrounds Drive

Vallejo, California 94580


 “It was a wonderful day for agility, so much so that a couple of the "pups" decided to start agility a little early by running from the Rally ring into the agility ring to take a couple of tunnels! I wonder if that counted as training on show grounds?  It definitely was evident that these Beardies were ready to have fun!  The agility competition started with the game FAST. The Open class is usually the toughest class to qualify in but the Beardies that ran in Open FAST for this trial cut up the course and had the highest qualifying rate for the entire day.  The flow of the entire trial went really well; handlers were set and ready on the line and the crew was attentive and quick. Everyone pitched in to make it a well-run event.  Major kudos to the Club!  I had an absolute blast as a judge.  The dogs seemed to have a really good time and everyone was supportive of the athletes competing.  I look forward to seeing some of these "pups" again, especially the Rally dogs!”


Molly McNamara 

We had a lovely day of weather for our 8th annual NCBCF regional agility trial.  Judge Laura Finco designed some fast and challenging courses for us and showed considerable appreciation for a beardie sense of humor.  Congratulations to Steve Lausmann and Izzy and Sara Carver and Piedra for picking up a leg in their first AKC trials! Congrats also to Pam Harris and Mary for finishing her Novice JWW title! A big thank you to our ring steward Jana Dozet, trial chair Jack Buhite, and all the volunteers who made the day happen!


Jack Buhite

Congratulations to our two High in Trial teams: Molly McNamara and Max and Sarah Halsey and Wizard!  Both were a pleasure to watch.  Thanks to Molly for doing such a fine job as Trial Secretary and keeping those scores coming while running Max for the only triple Q!  Our Course Builders, especially Chris and Tammy Domico, kept everything moving swiftly.  Working with Judge Laura Finco was a delight.


Jana Dozet



Molly McNamara and Max
CH MACH Highlander Orion From Alamos OF RA

1st/19 100 50:53'/57'

Bearded Collie. Dog. DL905888/03. 3/08/02.
Breeder: Jane Cooper.
Ch Highlander Wildest Dreams PT x Ch Alcyone Of Alamos.
Owners: Molly McNamara and Beth Tilson.

Jumpers With Weaves and FAST
Sarah Halsey and Wizard
MACH7 Anasazi Secret of the Wizard MXF

JWW: 1st/19 100 32:29'/43'

FAST: 1st/16 76 35:71'/32'

Bearded Collie. Dog. DL746874/01. 4/09/98.
Breeders: Kathleen Flanagan and Paul Lower.
Ch Simi Gone West Desert Magic x Ch Anasazi Luci Manybeads.
Owners: Sarah and Doug Halsey.

STANDARD - 19 ran/21

Excellent B 20" - 160 yds

Max (CH MACH Highlander Orion From Alamos OF RA)
1st/5 100 50.53'/57'
handled by Molly McNamara

Open P 16" - 175 yds

Carly (CH Britannia Made You Look RA NAP NJP)
1st/1 95 73.95'/71'
handled by Kirsten Andreassend


Novice A 20" - 100 yds

Izzy (CH Springhill's Isabelle)
1st/2 100 21.27'/33' 4.70 yps
handled by Steve Lausmann

Novice B 20" - 100 yds

Mary (Spindrift Something About Mary)
1st/2 92 36.10'/33' 2.77 yps NAJ
handled by Pam Harris

Excellent A 20" - 160 yds

Godiva (CH Meadow's Unique Sensation CD RN OA OAJ)
1st/2 100 37.83'/43' 4.23 yps
handled by Kathy Haas

Excellent B 20" - 160 yds

Wizard (MACH7 Anasazi Secret of the Wizard MXF)
1st/8 100 32.29'/43' 4.96 yps
handled by Sarah Halsey

Max (CH MACH Highlander Orion From Alamos OF RA)
2nd/8 100 36.29'/43' 4.41 yps
handled by Molly McNamara

FAST - 16 ran/18

Novice A 20"

Piedra (Beau Chien's Rocky Mtn River)
1st/2 56 38.29'/32'
handled by Sara Carver

Novice P 16"

Carly (CH Britannia Made You Look RA NAP NJP)
1st/1 61 31.77'/35'
handled by Kirsten Andreassend

Open 20"

Jodie (CH Spindrift Charmed I'm Sure CD PT OA AXJ)
1st/5 71 34.14'/32'
handled by Pam Harris

Buffy (Dunnachie's Buffy Slays Me AX MXJ NF)
2nd/5 68 29.60'/32'
handled by Dawn Kinney

Ry (CH Pentangle's Rock'n Ryland P RN TDX PT NA NAJ NF)
3rd/5 60 23.70'/32'
handled by Sharon Prassa

Zoot (CH Britannia Zoots Me Fine RE HXAs HSAd OA AXJ NF)
4th/5 60 23.74'/32'
handled by Sharon Prassa

Excellent A 20"

Max (CH MACH Highlander Orion From Alamos OF RA)
1st/2 62 25.16'/32'
handled by Molly McNamara

Excellent B 20"

Wizard (MACH7 Anasazi Secret of the Wizard MXF)
1st/1 76 35.71'/32'
handled by Sarah Halsey

These Trophies were presented in 2003 and 2004.

Silvina and Fernando Bruera

Silvina Bruera videotaped our NCBCF Agility trials in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Agility In Motion offers several video options for those who participated in Rally Obedience and Agility.


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