Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers

Sixth Annual Regional Specialty Agility Trial

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Following the Obedience and Rally Trials

Dixon May Fairgrounds

655 S 1 Street

Dixon, CA 95620


Cindy Macklin



Libby Myers-Buhite



Jack Buhite



Jana Dozet

Agility Judge Cindy Macklin, Citrus Heights, CA

Cindy Macklin began agility training in 1992, in Dallas, Texas. In 1995 she became an AKC agility judge. She moved to Colorado in 1997 and helped found the first agility club in Colorado as well as judging the first Colorado AKC agility trial. She also served as the trial secretary for the AKC Nationals in Denver in 1999. In 2001, Cindy moved back to her native state, California. She lives in the Sacramento area and either shows or judges nearly every weekend. In the past she has trained and titled a Shar-Pei, Westie, Papillion, and three Australian Shepherds. She is currently competing with two Aussies and has a new future competitor, a Border Collie puppy. When not involved in dog activities Cindy works part-time for the State as a Legislative Analyst for the Department of Health.


Hi Libby,

I really enjoyed the trial and was thrilled the weather was so nice. It is always fun to watch Beardies run with their gorgeous long coats. It was great that Caper had such a good day. I have seen so many of his runs over the years when he has just missed by one or two bars. He was due for his day of glory.

Thanks again for inviting me.


After nearly six solid weeks of rain, warm sunshine dried the fields and lifted our spirits for our Sixth Annual Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers Regional Specialty. Just the weekend before at the USDAA trial, the Dixon May Fairgrounds had huge puddles of water and we had been slogging through mud and straw to reach our set-ups and rings. This week, however, the lawns were newly mowed and smooth, perfect for our week's events.

As usual, a festive spirit reigned on Wednesday as Sharon Prassa, Jack Buhite, Pam Harris, Jana Dozet, Rhonda Hardy and Deb Thomas measured the field, pounded the stakes, and cordoned off our Obedience, Rally, and Agility rings. We adjourned along with Carl Widell, who had come to help, and Rhonda's husband to our favorite dinner spot, Bud's Pub, for roast beef and lemon sautéed shrimp, amongst other goodies, and to catch up with each other.


On Thursday morning we gathered early for our Obedience and Rally trials. Judge Alvin Eng was utterly charming to work with and to trial under. Three had entered the Obedience Trial and fourteen had entered Rally.


Open B-1 entered

Pre Novice-2 entered
151 Wanda Packard's Star, Windrose Dark Star
134 Barbara Stone's Brinian, Ch Fivefields Reckless Abandon, NA, NAJ, PT, RN



Deb Thomas' Emma with a 95:

Excellent B Rally-1 entered

85 Pat Coreris' Chipper, Ch MACH Spindrift William Rikker, CDX, RA, OAP, OJP, PT

Advanced A Rally-3 entered

91 Jack Buhite's Caper, Ch Skyedance Lord A-Leaping, RN, AX, MXJ, NAP, AJP, PT

82 Molly McNamara's Max, Ch Highlander Orion From Alamos, RN, AX, MXJ

Novice B Rally-7 entered

95 Deb Thomas' Emma, DC Pentangle's Kiss Me Now, HXAsd
92 Carl Widell's Polo, Ch Caledonia's O Polo Mio

90 Sharon Prassa's Zoot, Ch Britannia Zoots Me Fine, HXAs, OA, AXJ

84 Brenda Cox' Ch Harvest Moon Dust On Tiffany
81 Wanda Packard's Star, Windrose Dark Star
76 Arian Kennedy's Ch Lonetree Time Traveler

Novice A Rally-3 entered

70 Sharon Baker's Pearl, Ch Gemstone Pearl Of A Girl, OA, AXJ

Agility Trial

After Rally, we all pitched in and quickly built our Excellent Standard agility course. Twenty-one had entered but several had to cancel due to injuries or bitches in season. A few others stayed home, not expecting a week of sunshine to continue. We were fortunate here as the obedience/rally/agility day was perfect and the sweeps/specialty day, though mostly overcast had only a few minutes of sprinkles. Saturday was warm and sunny and I don't yet know what tomorrow holds.

Our judge, Cindy Macklin, built beautiful courses for us.


 High in Trial Standard - Jack Buhite and Caper:

1617 Ch Skyedance Lord A-Leaping, AX, MXJ, NAP, OJP, RN, PT
Open Preferred - Score of 100 - 4.497 yds per second

 High in JWW - Jack Buhite and Caper:

1613 Ch Skyedance Lord A-Leaping, AX, MXJ, NAP, OJP, RN, PT
Excellent A Preferred - Score of 100 - 5.138 yds per second

Jack Buhite's Caper took High in Trial for both Standard and JWW and finished his AXP and is now back in Excellent B after 9 straight qualifying JWW runs!


Novice B Standard 20 " - Ran: 2/2 - Yardage: 136 - Standard Course Time: 73'
Score Time

90 45.36' 2018 Star - Handler: Wanda Packard. First Standard leg.

Windrose Dark Star.
Bearded Collie. Bitch. DL878201/01. 5/07/01.
Breeder: Wanda Packard.
Ch Pentangle's Stormy Skye, NA, NAJ, CD, HS x
Ch Delgatie's Dreams Come True, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, CD, PT.
Owner: Wanda Packard.


Open Standard 20" - Ran: 4/5 - Yardage: 170 - Standard Course Time: 73'

95 68.36' 2013 Sierra - Handler: Karen Ryder.

Ch Ryderwood High Sierra, NA, OAJ.
Bearded Collie. Bitch. DL881093/02. 6/22/01.
Breeders: Robert and Karen Ryder and Ruth Colavecchio.
Ch Britannia Bobby Dazzler, OA, AXJ x
Ch SRV-Aellen Blue Denim.
Owners: Robert Ryder IV and Karen Ryder.

Preferred Open Standard 16 " - Ran: 1/1 - Yardage: 170 - Standard Course Time: 78'

100 42.80' 1617 Caper - Handler: Jack Buhite. High in Trial.

Ch Skyedance Lord A-Leaping, AX, MXJ, NAP, OJP, RN, PT.
Bearded Collie. Dog. DL560264/03. 12/25/94.
Breeders: Jack Buhite and Libby Myers-Buhite.
Ch Melita Skyedance, MX, MXJ, NJP, PT x Melita Winter Caprice.
Owners: Jack Buhite and Libby Myers-Buhite.

Excellent A Standard 20" - Ran: 3/6 - Yardage: 189 - Standard Course Time: 81'

100 51.13 2005 Pearl - Handler: Sharon Baker. New title - AX.

Ch Gemstone Pearl Of A Girl, OA, AXJ.
Bearded Collie. Bitch. DL802057/02. 6/14/99.
Breeders: Sharon Baker and Ruth Colavecchio.
Ch Windfiddler's Still Cruisin' x Ch Sunriver-Aellen Spectacular.
Owner: Sharon Baker.


Excellent A JWW 20"- Ran: 2/4 - Yardage: 155 - Standard Course Time: 42'

100 40.30' 2009 Buffy - Handler: Dawn Kinney. New title: AXJ.

Dunnachie's Buffy Slays Me, OA, OAJ.
Bearded Collie. Bitch. DL905426/09. 3/07/02.
Breeders: Kathleen Harold, Jackye Dunn, Lynn Zagarella.
Ch Ragtymebrigadoon Bring It On x Ch Ragtyme Make 'Em Believe.
Owner: Dawn Kinney.

Excellent A JWW Preferred 16 "- Ran: 2/2 - Yardage: 155 - Standard Course Time: 47'

100 30.17' 1613 Caper - Handler: Jack Buhite. New title: AJP and High in Trial.

Ch Skyedance Lord A-Leaping, AX, MXJ, NAP, OJP, RN, PT.
Bearded Collie. Dog. DL560264/03. 12/25/94.
Breeders: Jack Buhite and Libby Myers-Buhite.
Ch Melita Skyedance, MX, MXJ, NJP, PT x Melita Winter Caprice.
Owners: Jack Buhite and Libby Myers-Buhite.

Excellent B JWW 20 "- Ran: 3/8 - Yardage: 155 - Standard Course Time: 42'

100 34.46' 2003 Max - Handler: Molly McNamara.

Ch Highlander Orion From Alamos, AX, MXJ, RN.
Bearded Collie. Dog. DL905888/03. 3/08/02.
Breeder: Jane Cooper.
Ch Highlander Wildest Dreams, PT x Ch Alcyone Of Alamos.
Owners: Molly McNamara and Beth Tilson.


Ceilidh's Breeder, Eileen Dinneen judged Sweepstakes, and it was a delight to see her again. It was fun to watch her go over each Beardie very carefully and with good humor and to make her decisions in a timely manner. Both Eileen and Colleen Stoate, our Australian Specialty judge, made careful notes for their write-ups. Eileen took a photo of each Beardie and I saw Colleen videotaping the Beardies today at the supported entry.

Eileen chose Sandy Remel's Aellen Tyso's Full Monty as her Best in Sweeps puppy. Barb Jones and Brenda Cox's Harvest Midnight Melody took Best Opposite. Karen Ryder and Ruth Colavecchio's Ch SRV-Aellen Blue Denim was Best Veteran and Pat Coreris and Pamela Harris' Ch MACH Spindrift William Rikker, CDX, RA, OAP, OJP, PT, took best Opposite.


Best of Breed - Anna Marie Yura's Ch Melita Yankee Doodle Sweetheart
(Ch Melita Skyedance, MX, MXJ, PT x Melita Nauti Nina)

Best Opposite - Ray and Kathy Harrington's Ch Dunhill Blazing Glory
(Ch Edmar Trailblazer At Dunhill x Ch Ragtyme One Moment In Time)

5 SELECTS (In Catalog Order):

15 Britannia Card Trick-Carole and Jim Desmond, and Michele Ritter
26 Ch Spindrift's Spencer For Hire-Judy Melville, Pamela Harris
36 Ch Britannia Blockbuster-Carole Desmond and Michele Ritter
37 Ch Fivefields Reckless Abandon, NA, NAJ, PT, RN-Barbara Stone
38 Ch Sebring's Black Velvet-K. Andreassend, M. Haarsager, and M Ritter

Winners Dog - Richard Skinner, Joyce Ann Burgett, and Saundria Skinner's Winberlee's Poker Player

Reserve Winners Dog - Sandy Remell's Aellen Tyso's Full Monty

Winners Bitch - Carole and Jim Desmond, and Michele Ritters' Britannia Card Trick

Reserve Winners Bitch - Judy Melville, Jana Dozet, and Pam Harris Risa Kilt Lifter O'Spindrift

Best Of Winners - Carole and Jim Desmond, and Michele Ritters' Britannia Card Trick
(Ch Britannia Blockbuster x Britannia How's Tricks)


(B), DL88613501, 7/9/01.
Bdr/Owner: Debra Thomas
CH Britannia Bobby Dazzler, OA,AXJ x DC Pentangle's Kiss Me Now HXAsd.

with her 2 kids, Tess and Ry:

(B) DN05049501, 10/8/03.
Bdr/Owner: Debra Thomas
by CH Britannia Back To The Future, HT, CD, RE, AX, MXJ.


(D) DN 05049503, 10/8/03.
Bdr: Debra Thomas DVM /Owner: Sharon and Joe Prassa
by CH Britannia Back To The Future, HT, CD, RE, AX, MXJ.

We are already looking forward to next year and I am personally delighted that my Skye's son Caper earned three firsts and two Highs in Trial on Thursday and his daughter Emma earned Best Of Breed on Sunday!

We're home from a fun day of obedience, rally and agility! I just wanted to be the first to congratulate Jack Buhite and Caper on their amazing runs! Jack and Caper took High in Trial Standard AND High in Trial JWW - way to go, guys!!! -Molly McNamara

Congrats to ALL the winners ! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time; and thanks for such a comprehensive report, Libby. It is hard to be a participant, AND a roving reporter :-) -Elaine Robinson

Congratulations on a wonderful show. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. Thanks again for everything, -Carole Desmond

Silvina and Fernando Bruera

We enjoyed having Silvina and Fernando videotape our NCBCF Agility
Trial in 2004 and 2005 and look forward to having them back again on April 20, 2006.

The options Agility In Motion will offer at the show are:

Option 1: Individual = $35, includes taxes, shipping and handling

"I think this is useful for competitors because you can compare the times that other Beardie teams can achieve under the same circumstances, so you will be able to focus your training to shave seconds in your obstacles or handling performance." - Silvina

To see examples go to:

Option 2: Individual = $25, includes taxes, shipping and handling
Your choice of DVD-R disc or personalized VHS tape (label with name of dog and handler) including video of the Standard and JWW of the individual dog.

If you would like to order Option 1 or 2, please fill in the form below and include a check for $35/$25 made out to Agility In Motion along with your agility entry.

Silvina can add your runs to last year's tape, if you wish.

Video Order Form

Specify Option 1 or Option 2:
Specify DVD or VHS :

Option 3: Tape with all the Standard and JWW runs of the trial = $30
- Tape including ALL the runs (Standard and JWW).
- 1st and 2nd places in the Excellent Classes will be in the side-by-side comparisons.

Option 3 - available for purchase through:

Caroline Winata
We look forward to photographing the Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers Regional Specialty. We will be photographing herding, obedience, rally and agility.
We offer your photos in multiple sizes and on multiple products which can be custom ordered. We also offer photo montages. Montages are a lovely way to showcase your dog's versatility; we can use multiple photos from agility or photos from different activities that your dog is participating in during the Specialty.
For a sample, please go to
We will have all our photos for sale on site on Friday morning as well as online on our website at
If you have any special requests, please contact us and let us know.

2006 Specialty Schedule

Wednesday, April 19: Herding
Herding4Ewe in Vacaville (10 minutes from Dixon Fairgrounds)
2 trials - AM ducks/sheep (separate events) - PM ducks/sheep (separate events)
Judges: Sandy Moore and Priscilla Phillips


Thursday, April 20: Obedience, Rally and Agility
Judges-Obedience and Rally: Mr. Alvin Eng
Judge-Agility: Cindy Macklin


Closes on Wednesday, 5 April 2006 at 6:00 pm.
Fees: $30 First Entry/$15 Second Entry-Same Beardie
Contact: Libby Myers-Buhite, 1064 Pomeroy Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051, (408) 244-7762
EMail: /Website:
Agility Premium will be ready soon
Friday, April 21: Sweeps and Regular Classes
Judges: Eileen Dineen, sweeps; Colleen Stoate (Australia), regular classes


Join us for dinner Friday after the show at Cattlemen's in Dixon
Contact Barbara Claxton:
Saturday and Sunday, April 22 and 23: Supported Entries
Judges: Lois Wolf White on Saturday and Betty Krause on Sunday


Additional Shows weekend prior:

Agility: USDAA 4-day Haute Tracs Extravaganza,
Thurs. through Sunday, April 13-16,
Dixon May Fairgrounds
Haute Tracs Premium
Conformation: Sacramento Kennel Club
April 15 and 16 Sacramento, CA
Chief Solano Catalog and Sacramento Kennel Club Catalog from MB-F Inc. SUPT:
Just go on line to Infodog ( and look for the show. You can download PDFs of the premium list from there. It's only a small fee for entering online. That way you have immediate confirmation of your entry, as well as a trail as they send e-mails to notify you of the progress (received, entered, etc).

and 2005 Winners
and 2004 Winners
and 2003 Winners
and 2002 Winners
and 2001 Winners
These Trophies were presented in 2003 and 2004.


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