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Message from John Youngblood:

The BAD web site is adding information related to a newer agility organization that is vibrant, fun and growing in the USA, UK Agility International, most frequently referred to as UKI.

Founded in the United Kingdom by Laura and Greg Derrett in 2004, UKI came to the USA in 2010 and has experienced rapid growth.  This organization was created to enhance and improve agility competition and training for all dogs. The overall vision is to provide trials where ALL levels of competitors from those just wanting to play agility games with their dogs to die-hard professional competitors can all come together and have a variety of options to meet their training and/or competitive needs.  

We are inviting those who are already participating in UKI to report your titles and accomplishments to us so that we can make sure they are included in the new UKI section of the BAD web site.  Also if you are thinking about using UKI for training or competition and have questions we want the new section to serve as a resource to help you. 

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UK Agility International
409 Sailfish Dr
Aptos, CA 95003


209-UKI-4484 (209-854-4484)
Please note that due to the nature of our work, this line is a message-only phone. Your call will be returned within 2 working days unless otherwise stated.



UKI Beardies

8 August 2016

Mackenzie Aberdeen's Dancing Queen   Patsy Sullivan
Jesse Britannia Piece Of My Heart UKI D1493 Christiana Taylor
Polo Caledonia's O Polo Mio   Kay Widell & Carl Widell
Lola Classical's Quite Frankly UKI D8629 Christiana Taylor
Brie Estrella Theres A Breeze Allaround   Andrea Hobe & Jennifer Scheytt
Bounce Estrella's Off the Wall UKI D9511 Heather Gahres and Jeremy Haag
Claymore Highlander Carry On Bravely UKI-D8268 Joseph E Root & Beth Tilson
Granite Kamelott's Great Stone Face   Nancy May
Farley Kamelott's Wild Thing Farley   Nancy May
Kit Lil'Clove Midnight Lace UKI-D9513 Jeremy Haag and Heather Gahres
Peekaboo Potterdale Diamond Diva UKI D8630 Christiana Taylor
Razzle Bella Shadowfax's Lone Star Belle UKI-D5562 John Youngblood
Lida Shepherd Calls Brilliant Light UKI D9905 - BID SSB Maryann Groves
Frolic Skyedance Happy As A Lark UKI-D10,238 Libby Myers-Buhite and Jack Buhite
Rory Wynsum Quick Step In Style Forever   Carol J Carlsen
Pippin Wynsum Untamed Heart   Carol J Carlsen

Aberdeen's Dancing Queen - Mackenzie

	DN31088502 - Bitch - 5/20/11 - UKI
	Breeder: Christina L Miller
	Owner/Handler: Patsy Sullivan of Abington, PA

Britannia Piece Of My Heart - Jesse

	DN18227202 - dog - 3/02/07 - UKI D1493
	Breeder: Michele Ritter and Beth Kortze
	Owner/Handler: Christiana Taylor of Auburn, WA

Caledonia's O Polo Mio - Polo

	DN02816807 - Dog - 3/23/03 - UKI
	Breeder/Owners: Kathrine and Carl Widell (Caledonia)
	Handler: Carl Widell of Brownsville, OR

Classical's Quite Frankly - Lola

	DN35300103 - Bitch - 6/28/12 - UKI  D8629
	Breeder: Christiana Taylor and Bea Sawka
	Owners: Christiana Taylor and William Carter
	Handler: Christiana Taylor of Auburn, WA

Estrella There's A Breeze AllAround - Brie

	DN261772/03 - Bitch - 09/07/09 - UKI - 
	Breeders: Jenny Scheytt and Jack and Maryann Szalka
	Owner/Handler: Andrea Hobe of Alpharetta, GA

Estrella's Off The Wall - Bounce

	DN39989203-Dog-6/27/14 - UKI D9511
	Breeder: Jennifer Scheytt (Estrella)
	Owners: Heather Gahres and Jeremy Haag of Lebanon PA
	Handler: Heather Gahres
	 1/23/16  Beginner Speedstakes 20" - Leg 1   1st/       6 points
	 7/17/16  Beginner Speedstakes 22" - Leg 2   2nd/       5 points

Highlander Carry On Bravely - Claymore

	DN36213304 - Dog - 8 April 2013 - UKI D8268
	Breeder: Beth Tilson
	Owner/Handler: Joe Root, Clyde NC


	 6/28/15  Intl Beginner 20"-Leg 1  4    3rd    38.37'/45'    130    3.39 yps    
	 8/08/15  Intl Beginner 20"-Leg 2  6    1st    32.95'/44'    127    3.85 yps    
	 8/09/15  Intl Beginner 20"-Leg 3  6    1st    36.56'/46'    132    3.61 yps

Kamelott's Great Stone Face - Granite

	DN09525904 - Dog - 11/28/04 - UKI
	Breeder: Toby Biller (Kamelott)
	Owner/Handler: Nancy May of Deerfield, NH

Kamelott's Wild Thing Farley - Farley

	DL91411406 - Dog - 6/18/02 - UKI	
	Breeder: Toby Biller (Kamelott)
	Owner/Handler: Nancy May of Deerfield, NH

Lil'Clove Midnight Lace - Kit

	DN29010702 - Bitch - 10/23/10 - UKI D9513
	Breeder: Trudy and Chelsea Wisner (Lil'Clove)
	Owners: Heather Gahres and Jeremy Haag of Lebanon PA
	Handler: Jeremy Haag

CH Potterdale Diamond Diva - Peekaboo

	DN36688002 - Bitch - 12/04/12 - UKI D8630
	Breeder: Mr. M Lewis & Mrs. J Lewis
	Owners: Christiana J Taylor, William C Carter, and Amy K Steltz
	Handler: Christiana Taylor of Auburn, WA

Shadowfax's Lone Star Belle - Razzle Bella

	DN33556002 - Bitch - 4/15/12 - UKI D5562      
	Breeder: Karen Drummond (Shadowfax)
	Owner/Handler: John Youngblood of Suwanee GA

	 3/15/16  Int'l Senior Agility       1st/2    37.93'/55.00'   175   4.61yps
  	 6/20/14  Int'l Senior Jumping       1st/4    33.21'/43.00'

	Masters Series

	 7/18/14  Agility   10 penalty pts   1st/5    37.43'/49.00'   154   3.24yps  (4.11 w/o penalty)
	 4/14/16  Agility    0 penalty pts   1st/4    33.70'/49.00'   155   4.59yps  US Open Bye!
	 6/20/14  Jumping    5 penalty pts   1st/4    36.438'/46.00'  158   4.34yps  (5.02 w/o penalty)
	US Open National Championship
	11/13/15  Agility    0 penalty pts   4th/27   38.09'/61.00'  
	11/14/15  Agility    0 penalty pts   1st/9    39.98'/67.00'   210   UKI US OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPION 20"

	11/12/15  Jumping   10 penalty pts   9th/23   33.42'/44.00'

Shepherd Calls Brilliant Light BID SSB - Lida

	DN37657801 - Bitch - 2.21.13 - UKI D9907
	Breeders: Gerlinde KRACHLER and Claudia WACHTER (Austria)
	Owner/Handler: Maryann Groves of Alfred, ME

	05/21/16  Agility 1 Beginner  20"    leg 1  1st/   52.55   6 pts
	05/21/16  Agility 2 Beginner  20"    Leg 2  1st/   47.29   6 pts 
	05/21/16  Jumpers 2 Beginner  20"    Leg 1  1st/   42.87   6 pts BID

	03/04/16  Speedstakes Beginner 20"   Leg 1  1st/   37.99   6 pts
	05/21/16  Speedstakes Beginner 20"   Leg 2  1st/   31.81   6 pts SSB

	05/21/16  Power & Speed Beginner 20" Leg 1  1st/2  19.790  6 pts

Skyedance Happy As A Lark - Frolic

	DN33905402 - Dog - 4/17/12 - UKI D10,238
	Breeders/Owners: Libby Myers-Buhite and Jack Buhite of Santa Clara, CA
	Handler: Jack Buhite   

	 8/07/17  Intl Beginner Jumpers 20"-Leg 1     6    1st/4     24.25'/35'    115    4.742 yps   

Wynsum Quick Step In Style Forever - Rory

	DN21785702 - Dog - 6/09/08 - UKI
	Breeder/Owner/Handler: Carol Carlsen of Oxford, MI

Wynsum Untamed Heart - Pippin

	DN30602101 - Bitch - 4/01/11 - UKI
	Breeder/Owner/Handler: Carol Carlsen of Oxford, MI


International Program and Titling

05/21/16 Lida International Beginner BID

Speedstakes Program and Titling

05/21/16 Lida Speedstakes Beginner SSB

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