The Diehard Trophy 2005

MACH5 Wizard

Photo by Rich Bergman


Anasazi Secret of the Wizard


Handled by Sarah Halsey of Fallbrook, CA

Diehard Trophy

Thirty-two teams were eligible for the Diehard Award in 2005

The The Diehard Award is given to the top team competing in Excellent Standard and JWW. Each team must earn at least three clean runs in Standard and JWW to be eligible. Points are awarded based on the number of legs earned, placements, and the number of seconds under standard course time (SCT). The Diehard Award is supported by BAD.

Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard (Wizard), owned by Sarah and Doug Halsey of Fallbrook, CA, is the winner of both the Diehard and the Overall JWW awards for the fifth straight year. Wizard and Sarah started 2005 on a high note by completing their MACH4 on New Year's weekend and continued to perform outstandingly, culminating in their MACH5 on Labor Day weekend. Wizard is also the top Beardie in Excellent B Standard and JWW and in total MACH points and QQs. He earned 87 legs, 1,239 MACH points, and 21 QQs.

Wizard Anasazi Secret of the Wizard Sarah and Doug Halsey 2328
Jack O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jack B Nimble Jill Scarborough 1491
Jet O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom Karen Barratt 1451
Jax Wigglesworth Out On A Limb Jeff Ipser 1275
Bailey Oakengates Irish Cream Linda Porter 1069
Bud O'Duinnin HMT A Bud For Boo Karen Barratt 988
Zoom Wigglesworth Super Sonic Jeff and Sharon Ipser 932
Chipper Spindrift William Rikker Patricia Coreris and Pam Harris 815
Spice Spindrift Risa Hot Stuff Patti Bott, Jana Dozet, Pam Harris 813
Patch Raintree Ha'Penny Hades Claire Cifarelli 729
Rocky Chaniam Creag Lori Weinberg 728
Olaf Olaf Anne Kajava 610
Harley Harley Of St John David Williamson 573
Barkley Arcadia-Wildwood MR Blue Andrea and Debby Hobe 456
Arbi O'Duinnin HMT Rhythm N Booze Ann Chandoha 417
Kip Moonstone Totally Unespected Sandy McDonald 408
Kira Shanaspree Rose Of Kilravock Bobbie & Bill Raguse & Tammy Begler 366
Echo Isles Name Of The Game Judith & William Morris 334
Brio Springhills Spirit Of Brio Sharon Williamson 328
Mickie Oakengates Quite Contrary Rosemary Schroeder and MJ Steger 315
Max Highlander Orion From Alamos Molly McNamara and Beth Tilson 297
Rory Colledge Spirit Of Sheiling Elaine O'Carroll 237
Viva Alashaw's Viva Las Vegas Tamra Domico and Beth White 221
Kailey Shanaspree Kick A Field Goal Betty Jo (BJ) Walker 206
Tyler Wind Dancer Circle Of Life Linda Swain and Patricia Hyde 205
Desirée O'Duinnin Oh Darlin' Desiree Carole Mitchell and Eileen Dinneen 180
Tag Spindrift Risa Up And Over Iris Berry, Jana Dozet, and Pam Harris 167
Bogie Nonesuch Ashbreeze Mr Bogart Sue Jamison 164
Hops Wynsum Captivating Rhythm Janice Leverenz 152
Sprite Moonstone Kindred Spirit Beth Kortze 148
Shayne Wynsum Diamonds Are Forever Carol Carlsen 128
Lizzee Wigglesworth Oh Look At That Jeff and Sharon Ipser 94

The Diehard Trophy by Chet Jezierski

Sponsored by the Beardie Agility Diehards

Minimum requirement:

BCCA Member

3 Excellent level Clean Runs in Standard Excellent A and/or Excellent B

3 Excellent level Clean Runs in Jumpers with Weaves in Excellent A and/or Excellent B


Clean Runs (Accuracy)
10 points for each Clean Run/ 0 for less than Clean Runs

All Clean Runs at the Excellent Level and higher will be considered, both in Standard and in JWW.*

Time Points (Speed)
1 point for each full second under Standard Course Time

All points from qualifying runs at the Excellent Level and higher will be considered, both in Standard and in JWW.*

Placement Points (Performance Ranking)
1st to 4th place will be considered.

All points from qualifying runs at the Excellent Level and higher will be totaled, both in Standard and in JWW.*

10 for first, 9 for second, 8 for third, 7 for fourth, irrespective of the class size.

*Only the three legs toward the title will be counted in Excellent A.

Diehard Points:
Total all of the above

Last updated 13 October 2006

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