Front & Finish Point Standings for Beardies

AKC Standard Agility

1 January - 31 December 2002


MACH/ADCH Anasazi Secret of the Wizard


Handled by Sarah Halsey of Fallbrook, CA

To earn Front & Finish points you must place in your class. 1st = total in class 2nd = total in class - 1 3rd = total in class - 2 4th = total in class - 3 The AKC counts all points at a given level, no matter how many legs you earn. The BCCA counts only the first three legs toward the NA, OA, AX and all Excellent B legs.

AKC - American Kennel Club Report for 2002

Summary Statistics for 2002:

Standard Agility Certificates

sponsored by the Bearded Collie Club of America

Excellent Agility with 459 Excellent Front and Finish Points

Wizard -
MACH Anasazi Secret of the Wizard
Sarah and Doug Halsey

Open Agility with 84 Open Front and Finish Points

Aceilidh's Thrill Of The Chase, AX, OAJ
Leslie Dawson-North

Novice Agility with 39 Novice Front and Finish Points

Britannia William Wallace, NA, NAJ
Sonya Moore

Total Standard Front and Finish Points for 2002

The BCCA Standard Certificates are based on "Front & Finish" Points which are accumulated by winning class placements and are based on the number of dogs defeated for title legs.

Excellent Standard
48 Teams earned eligible legs.

The winner is Wizard (MACH Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard) owned by Sarah and Doug Halsey of Fallbrook, CA.

The top five in the standings were:

 1 Wizard  Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard  Sarah Halsey  459
 2 Jet  O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom  Karen Barratt  145
 3 Jack  O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jack B Nimble  Jill Scarborough  140
 4 Jax  Wigglesworth Out On A Limb  Jeff Ipser  138
 5 Kassi  Buaidh Mithandril Xerox O' Jen  Leslie Dawson-North   74

Open Standard
35 Teams earned eligible legs.

The winner is Moxie (Aceilidh's Thrill Of The Chase AX, OAJ)) owned by Leslie Dawson-North of Wabigoon, Ontario, CN.

The top five in the standings were:

 1 Moxie  Aceilidh's Thrill Of The Chase  Leslie Dawson-North 84
 2 Lizzee Wigglesworth Oh Look At That  Sharon & Jeff Ipser  49
 3 Checkers Fox Lane's Wynsum Checkmate Maryann Szalka  47
3 Star  Spindrift Catch A Risa Star  Jana Dozet and Pam Harris  47
 5 Spice  Spindrift Risa Hot Stuff  Patti Bott, J Dozet, P Harris  39

Novice Standard
51 Teams earned eligible legs.

The winner is Wally (Britannia William Wallace HT, NA, NAJ) owned by Sonja and Tim Moore & Michele Ritter of Bridgewater Corners, VT.

The top five in the standings were:

 1 Wally  Britannia William Wallace  Sonja & Timothy Moore, Michele Ritter 39
 2 Scout Dogtown Leader Of The Pack  Nancy Layton & Scott Mandell  28
 3 Kip Moonstone Totally Unexpected Sandy McDonald  27
 4 Lizzee Wigglesworth Oh Look At That  Sharon & Jeff Ipser  26
 5 Cagney  Caledonia's Cagney Mccalico  Kathrine and Carl Widell, Diane Kerr  25

Many thanks to Joanne Williamson who has the AKC AWARDS results summarized in an Excel table. 

Joanne Williamson

Last updated 8 June 2004

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