BCCA 2012 National Specialty

17th Annual BCCA Agility Trial

Industry Hills Exposition Center

City of Industry, CA

October 8, 2012

Judge: Tamra Domico

Event Chairs: Sharon Prassa and Libby Myers-Buhite

Secretary: Sarah Fitzell

Chief Course Builder: Mark Upshaw

Beardie Entries: 42 /Run Entries: 102

Beardie Shows: 38 /Actual Beardie Runs: 91

Qualifiers: 20 /91 = 22%

Standard: 7 /33 = 21%
JWW: 9 /37 = 29%
T2B: 4 /21 = 19%

Sharon Prassa, Trial Chair and Awards:

“It doesn't get much better than this. Grass like velvet, isolated from the rest of the facility. Judge Tammy Domico, Mark Upshaw's equipment and Sarah Fitzell trial secretary. Overcast, yet mild temperature. That's how our agility began. And it just went up from there. People told me this was one of their favorite agility trials EVER! I believe them. It's magic when beardie people get together. The dogs are in 7th heaven. Owners are running courses with joy they have not experienced ever, or, a least, in ages. That was our 2012 agility trial.

“Thanks go to Anna Marie Yura and Wendy Marciante for securing this area for us. Course builders Sunday afternoon, thank you whoever you are because I didn't arrive until after all of the hard work was done. The drive from herding in Lancaster was a long one.

“Monday we had folks working all day who did not have a dog to run. Joanne Williamson and Jana Dozet scored every class. Workers were not a problem because we all pitch in and work as needed. Libby made sure we were organized. That's how she rolls.

“Congratulations to our Highs in Trials: T2B - Miriam Harthill and Zuri (Wigglesworth Which Way Now PT AX AXJ NF); Standard - Pam Harris and Mary (CH Spindrift Something About Mary BN RA PT AX MXJ OF) and JWW - Steve Lausman and Bailey (Springhill's Against All Odds HT - yes, I have to brag, a Ry baby). It was thrilling to watch all of these runs. It is also thrilling to see the speed beardies have these days.

“Thank you to everybody who pitched in and worked, and thank you to Kirsten Andreassand for the lovely ribbons and to Carole Desmond for the lovely trophies.

“I hope to see lots of you next year at Purina for the 2013 national specialty. BEARDIES ROCK!!”

Tammy Domico, our Judge:

“Just a short little statement on how wonderful I felt the Trial went. Sorry that everyone could not get one of those elusive Q's but regardless of that, I saw many wonderful runs from the experienced and less seasoned alike. I want to thank everyone of the dedicated workers for filling in here and there wherever there was a need. I will always have many fond memories of the 2012 Bearded Collie Nationals.”

Libby Myers-Buhite: Co-Chair and Chief Ring Steward:

“Many thanks to Sharon Prassa who worked to make this the best Nationals Agility Trial ever! She did most of the advance planning with Anna Marie and Wendy and I stepped in to organize the workers.

“Special thanks go to those who came on Sunday to set up the ring and equipment: Mark Upshaw, Tammy Domico, Dave and Sharon Anderson, Jack Buhite, Jana Dozet, Gayle Dozet, Sarah and Doug Halsey, Pam Harris, Steve and Jodie Lausmann, Molly McNamara, and Shannon Smart. Many more showed up than I had even hoped for. Please consider yourselves thanked, if I missed your names!

“On Monday, handlers and 38 Beardies arrived from California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, British Columbia and Saskatchewan to take part in the trial. Others also came from afar without their Beardies and proved to be our most valuable workers. Joanne Williamson, Karen Norteman, Patsy Sullivan, Jana Dozet and Gayle Dozet worked every class, doing the scribing, timing, and gate duties, so essential for a well-run trial. Those running Beardies worked at least one class. Our Sunday set-up crew did a fantastic job with Monday course building as well, which kept everything moving! The first Beardie crossed the start line at 9:32 am and, four hours, seven courses, and 91 runs later, the last Beardie crossed the finish line at 13:36. I find this totally amazing and a tribute to our pitch in and help spirit!

“I also wish to congratulate our three Highs in Trial and note that Pam Harris’ Mary was the only Beardie to earn a QQ. Not only that, she earned a QQQ as well!

“After a lovely “lakeside” welcome party, forty of us adjourned for our annual agility dinner, which turned out to be better than we had even anticipated! We had opted for a “small, inexpensive” dinner, but had beautifully prepared heirloom tomato caprese salads, tender tritip or perfectly roasted chicken and vegetables, followed by delicious brownies. The company was of course “the best!” Many thanks go to Anna Marie and Wendy, who set up our wonderful dinner!”

Standard Agility Classes

Total Entered: 37 - Total Shown: 33 - Total Qualified: 7 - Percentage Qualifying 7/33 = 21%

Standard High in Trial: Pam Harris’ Mary

CH Spindrift Something About Mary BN RA PT AX MXJ OF
1st/33    100    45.85’/57’

Novice A 20”

1st/4    Danner		85	66.58’/68’	141
CH Woodsong's Danner Take A Hike RA HSAsd
Nancy Thompson, Peoria AZ

Novice B 20”

1st/6    Kinsey		95	48.36’/68’	141
Lanark's B Is For Bounce OAJ OJP
Tracy Corey, Gilbert AZ
2nd/6    Ollie	  	93	75.28’/68’	141
GCH Briarpatch Just One Look HT
Lucy Cambell-Gracie, Phoenix, MD, Anna Gracie, and  Carol Lamb

Open P 16”

1st/2    Brogan		95	60.18’/66’	149
Chantilly's Fast Forward
Donna Claude, Regina, SK

Excellent B 20”

1st/5    Mary		100 	45.85’/57’	160
CH Spindrift Something About Mary BN RA PT AX MXJ OF
Pamela and Mark Harris, Sparks NV
2nd/5    Snow 		100 	54.66’/57’	160
HaPenny Harwood Ode To Choi MXB MXJ OAP OJP
Tracy Corey, Gilbert AZ

Excellent B Preferred 20”

1st/1    Rembrandt	100	49.60’/62’	160
Colard Fly With Me
Miranda and John Mulders, Houston TX

Jumpers with Weaves Classes

Total Entered: 39 - Total Shown: 37 - Total Qualified: 9 - Percentage Qualifying 9/37 = 29%

Jumpers with Weaves High in Trial: Steve Lausmann’s Bailey

Springhill's Against All Odds HT
1st/37    100    24.75’/40’    121 yds    4.89 yps

Novice B 20”

1st/7   Bailey     100    	24.75’/40’	121
Springhill's Against All Odds HT
Steve Lausmann, Citrus Heights CA
2nd/7    Dani		100   	33.28’/40’	121
CH Pentangles Pedal To The Metal RN HXAsd
Sharon Baker, Napa CA
3rd/7    Ollie		 86    	54.51’/40’	121
GCH Briarpatch Just One Look HT
Lucy Cambell-Gracie, Phoenix MD

Excellent A 20”

1st/8    Scully		 91    	45.26’/42’	158
GCH Scott's Gotta Have Heart OA OAJ 
Noli Caswell, LaCanada CA, and Carol Scott
2nd/8    Emma		 85    	47.95’/42’	158
CH Headline's Upcoming News BN RN OA OAJ
Suzi and Matt Beddoe, Klamath Falls OR

Excellent A Preferred 16”

1st/2    Buffy		100    	38.57’/47’	158
MACH2 Dunnachie's Buffy Slays Me RA HT MXC MJB2 OF
Dawn Kinney, El Cerrito

Excellent B 20”

1st/9    Izzy		100    	34.61’/42’	158
CH Springhill's Isabelle OA AXJ
Steve Lausmann, Citrus Heights, CA 
2nd/9    Mary	 	100    	39.38’/42’	158
CH Spindrift Something About Mary BN RA PT AX MXJ OF
Pamela and Mark Harris, Sparks, NV 
3rd/9    Stix		100    	39.50’/42’	158
Spindrift Stix 'N Stones MX MXJ NF
Patti Bott, Lakeside CA and Pam Harris 

Time2Beat Classes

Total Entered: 23 - Total Shown: 21 - Total Qualified: 4 - Percentage Qualifying  4/21 = 19%

Time2Beat High in Trial: Meha Harthill’s Zuri

CH Wiggleworth Which Way Now PT AX AXJ NF
1st/21	10 points	Time: 31.17’

Time2Beat 20” Regular

1st/18    Zuri		10 points	31.17’/31.17’
CH Wiggleworth Which Way Now PT AX AXJ NF
Miriam Harthill, San Juan Capistrano CA
2nd/18    Beckham	 9 points	32.44’/31.17’
GCH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham HT OA AXJ OF
Shannon Smart, El Cerrito CA
3rd/18    Mary		 7 points	38.99'/31.17'
CH Spindrift Something About Mary 
Pamela and Mark Harris, Sparks, NV
4th/18    Emma	 	 6 points	41.89'/31.17'
CH Headline's Upcoming News BN RN OA OAJ
Suzi and Matt Beddoe, Klamath Falls OR

12th Annual Fun Relay

First Place Winners, Spindrift Ceilidh
Back: Patti Bott, Tammy Domico, Jack Buhite, Pam Harris
Front: Stix, Ceilidh, Mary

In 2001, Beth Canner and Gail Romaine began a new Specialty tradition: a Fun Relay to encourage Novice handlers. This year eleven 3 person/3 Beardie teams participated in the relay, organized by Sharon Prassa. Tammy designed a really fun course with Jumps and Tunnels. Each of the three Beardies in the team had a different course to run, which allowed for a bit of strategy. The winners were decided by the lowest time + faults combination. Knocked bars counted as a three point fault and off-courses (which gobbled up precious time) counted as a two point fault. Some teams went all out with costumes and a great time was had by all! There was an added incentive this year provided by the Specialty Trophy Committee headed by Carol Desmond. Each winner on the first place team received a beautiful, huge insulated canvas bag adorned by a beautiful hand-painted portrait of a Beardie! Lucky winners!

First Place: Spindrift Ceilidh 46.02’ + 3 pts (bar) = 49.02
Pam Harris and Mary, Patti Bott and Stix, Jack Buhite and Ceilidh

Second Place: 50.52’ + 4 pts (2 off courses) = 54.52
Sarah Halsey and Hooligan, Noli Caswell and Scully, Steve Lausmann and Izzy

Third Place: Wild Child 49.59’ + 5 pts (bar/off) =54.59
Molly McNamara and Stanley, Shannon Smart and Beckham, Donna Claude and Keegan

Fourth Place: The Beardie Bunch 56.16’ + 0 = 56.16
Beth Scorzelli and Brew, Miranda Mulders and Kizzy, Elaine Robinson and Gilly


BCCA Agility Committee

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