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Denia Point Standings for Beardies

AKC Standard Agility

1 January - 31 December 2001


MACH Wizard

Photo by Rich Bergman

MACH/ADCH Anasazi Secret of the Wizard


Handled by Sarah Halsey of Fallbrook, CA

Denia Award Tribute - Wizard

The 14 Beardies who earned the MX before 1 January 2001 are beyond the scope of this award.

Others who earned the MX during 2000 could earn only limited points.

Tribbles (Arcadia-Caliburn Smoky Topaz) -- Penny Leigh -- 1 June 1996

Mikie (Holm Mike L. Doglas) -- Charles Gibson -- 16 August 1997

Breezy (Baliwyn's Precious Friend) -- Jerry Bergen -- 28 September 1997

Patty (Britannia Peppermint Patty) -- Toni Tuck -- 21 February 1998

Tasha (Meadow's Fantasia) -- Ann Krafcheck -- 19 April 1998

Miss C. (Oak Meadows Fawn Calypso) -- Betty Winfield -- 16 August 1998

Sean (Balgrae's Sean Mackay) -- Joanne Williamson -- 22 August 1998

Annie (Moonsong Klassical Legacy) -- Sharon Prassa -- 25 July 1999

Lucy (Oakengates Havin' a Ball) -- Liz Cox -- 19 March 2000

Chase (Bedlam's Catch Me If You Can) -- Leslie Dawson-North-- 1 April 2000

Boo! (O'Duinnin Picabo Streak) -- Karen Barratt -- 1 April 2000

Kassi (CBuaidh Mithandril Xerox O'Jen) -- Leslie Dawson-North -- 15 April 2000

Jet (O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom) -- Karen Barratt -- 14 October 2000
Chip (Britannia Chip Thrills) -- Sandy Weiss - 12 November 2000


100           --8
99             --7
97-98        --6
95-96        --5
93-94        --4
90-92        --3
88-89        --2
85-87        --1

Only the first three legs earned toward the NA, OA, and AX are counted toward the Denia Award. The 10 legs toward the MX are also counted. Legs beyond the MX are not considered for the Denia Award.

Congratulations to the 91 Beardies who earned Denia Points in 2001! -- Libby

Registered Name                    Call Name       Owners	                                         Points
Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard       Wizard          Sarah & Doug Halsey                             80
Blackfriar A Scot On The Rocks     Chloe           Jan and Tony Vallone                            76
Springhills Spirit Of Brio         Brio            Sharon Williamson                               67
Ragtyme Doubly Smashing            Colton          Barbara Stone                                   64
Chelsie                            Chelsie         Eleanor Logue                                   55
Spindrift William Rikker           Chipper         Pat Coreris & Pam Harris                        54
Malakar Delightfully Wicked        Impy            Sarah Halsey                                    47
Edmar My Own Sweet Patsch          Patsch          Mary Lott                                       40
O'Duinnin HMT Rhythm N Booze       Arbi            Ann Chandoha                                    40
O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jackb Nimble      Jack            Jill Scarborough                                40
Barnhollow Brylie                  Brylie          Maryann Groves                                  34
Ha'Penny De'luxe Edition           Bruiser         Pat Bishop & Richard Schneider                  34
Briarpatch Who Was That            Tommy           Lucy Campbell-Gracie                            32
Melita Skyedance                   Skyedance       Libby and Jack Buhite                           32
Angelfire Shooting Star            Miller          Tom & Cheri Omnus                               31
Britannia Bobby Dazzler            Bobby           Amy Steltz, William Carter, Michele Ritter      29
Oakengate's Keeper of Dreams       Lizzie          Rosemary Schroeder                              29
Molly The Muffin                   Molly           Martha Faulk & Ray Hogler                       27
Harley of St John                  Harley          David Williamson                                26
Pentangle's Crystal Harper         Harper          Mary Lott                                       26
Balgrae's Rob Ruadh                Rob             Joanne Williamson                               24
Chantilly's Virginia Woof          Gina            Kathy Pavlich & Beth Tilson                     24
Rocky the Wonder Dog               Rocky           Matt Walsh                                      24
Walkoway's Vixen                   Lakotah!        Marilynn Snook & Chris Walkowicz                24
Wigglesworth Out On A Limb         Jax             Sharon and Jeff Ipser                           23
Angelfire Such Sweet Kisses        Jolie           Bill & Barbara Waldock                          21
Ragtyme Simply Irresistible        Lincoln         Jackye Dunn                                     21
Aceilidh's Thrill Of The Chase     Moxie           Leslie Dawson-North                             20
Firstprizebears Hellowell          Fallon          Kathy & Gerry Pavlich                           19
Fox Lane's Zany Treasure           Ivy Sue         Carol Carlsen                                   18
Spindrift Risa Up And Over         Tag             Iris Berry, Jana Dozet, Pam Harris              18
Black Friar Ivy Roon               Ivy             Polley Ann McClure                              17
Britannia Belle O' The Ball        Belle           Joanne Williamson                               17
Shanaspree Kick A Field Goal       Kailey          Betty Jo Walker                                 17
Britannia Good Day Sonshine        Jake            Christiana Taylor & Michele Ritter              16
Britannia Sings The Blues          Ella            Toni Tuck & Michele Ritter                      16
Britannia Zoots Me Fine            Zoot            Sharon Prassa & Michele Ritter                  16
Conley's Little Dodger             Dodger          Noli Caswell                                    16
Ha'Penny Rebelz 'Da Shaggy D       Rebel           Mary Maddox                                     16
Holm I Believe In Miracles         Tascia          Marta Witt                                      16
O'Duinnin Oh Darlin' Desiree       Desi            Eileen Dinneen                                  16
Sunriver-Aellen Spectacular        Gem             Sharon Baker                                    16
Colledge Spirit of Sheiling        Rory            Elaine O'Carroll                                15
Britannia How Sweet It Is          Zooey           Michele Ritter & Chet Jezierski                 14
Dunnotar Stonehaven's Silver       Carson          Susan Gauthier & Patsy Sullivan                 14
O'Duinnin Dazzle 'Em Dallas        Dallas          Nancy Pelton & Eileen Dinneen                   13
Ragtyme Talkin' Up A Storm         Becket          Kim Horsley                                     13
Bandera Gael Wind                  Maya            Annette & Ted Greathouse                        12
Made An Impression At Diotima      Zachary         Linda Swain & Patricia Hyde                     12
Snuff And Stuff                    Snuffy          Sonya Blanchard Moore                           12
Alashaw's Place Your Bets          Sparkee         Tammy Domico & Beth White                       11
Shadowfax's Five Alarm Fire        Blaze           Karen Drummond                                  11
Spindrift Jean Luc Picard          Picard          Pam Harris                                      11
Brigadoon's Night And Day          Daisy           Debbie Barner                                   10
O'Duinnin Oh Dancin' Darby         Darby           David Williamson                                 9
Arcadia's Thrills N' Chills        Chilly          Lori Weinberg                                    8
Autmunlane's Tribute To Roo        Tess            Sue O'Donnell                                    8
Baybreeze Image Of Marshfen        Willow          Beth Canner                                      8
Britannia Hat Trick                Hattie          Diane Reid & Michele Ritter                      8
Caledonia's Cydney Canuck          Cydney          Kathrine and Carl Widell, Diane Kerr             8
Donalea's Wild Thyme               Lorna           Charles & Doris Banfield                         8
Dr Mordecai's Mad Merlot           Mordey          Jon and Stacey Lazarow                           8
Jubo-Lees Once Ina Lyfethyme       Brechin         Maryann Groves                                   8
Memorylane Lady Luck	            Lucky           Joanne Albano Vaughn & William J Vaughn III      8
Olav                               Olav            Anne Dini                                        8
Ragtyme Make 'Em Believe           McKenna         Kathleen Harold, Jackye Dunn, Lynn Zagarella     8
Samson of Swiftfoot                Samson          Lois Vennewitz                                   8
Skyedance Lord A-Leaping           Caper           Jack Buhite & Libby Myers-Buhite                 8
Winnoby's Cool Your Jets           Cooler          Carolyn House                                    8
Wynsum Alluring Dreamweaver        Lacey           Carol Carlsen                                    8
Britannia Back To The Future       Biff            Michele Ritter & Chet Jezierski                  7
Britannia Simon Says               Simon           Ann Krafcheck & Michele Ritter                   6
Fox Lane's Victory In Blue         Shiloh          Carol Carlsen                                    6
Fox Lane's Your Cowboy Song        Cowboy          Maryann Szalka                                   6
Sheiling's Chivas Regal            Sara            Kathy Wilson & C G Perry (Tony Vallone)          6
Tivoli's First Son Of Lucas        Sonny           Kim & Lucindia Markle                            6
Briarpatch Double Scotch           Talisker        Ruth & Neil Bryden                               5
Caledonia's Hot Chocolate          Chester         Ann Rambaud and Carl & Kay Widell                5
Sweet Romance Of Lonetree          Trouble         Mary Edner                                       5
Wigglesworth Oh Look At That       Lizzee          Sharon and Jeff Ipser                            5
Baliwyn Downtown Charlie Brown     Charlie         Alice Buschman                                   4
Beauchien's Montana On My Mind     Monty           Joyce & Hank Price                               3
Fox Lane's Wynsum Checkmate        Checkers        Maryann Szalka                                   3
Nonesuch New Sensation             Indy            Cheryl Poliak & Steve Klinger                    3
Aellen Tried And True              Truman          Carol & Ruth Colavecchio                         2
Chantilly's Woofgang Amadeus       Solo            Cindy Nellipowitz & Kathy Pavlich                2
Firstprizebears Las Vegas          Mirage          Beth & Jim White, Kathy Pavlich                  1
Fox Lane's Wynsum Wiley Won        Dugan           Carol Carlsen                                    1
Jubo-Lees Faeryglen Spriggen       Spriggen        Ruth Ivers                                       1

Many thanks to Joanne Williamson who has summarized the Denia Points for us.

Last updated 11 December 2002

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